Friday, 8 June 2018

Clairvoyance. First steps.

One has to wield clairvoyance ability in order to be successful at reading tarot or handling any other divination system. Clairvoyance and reading are related to each other. If one doesn’t wield clairvoyance, there would be none or poor results. 

There are many techniques on the net promising to teach you how to become the best clairvoyant. Everybody who has tested these techniques already knows that many want to possess this kind of gift and some tend to lie that they have it, but In fact few do have it in real. 

I let you – the readers to consider whether you’re wasting your time here or learning things, that people like me don’t tend to share. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017


You have to deal with self – hypnosis when you are completely healthy. Take one or two hours for the self – hypnosis. It can be your convenient time or at night, when you go to sleep. The room, which you will use  must be warm and ventilated.

Lie on your back. Close your eyes and focus on yourself. You should feel the location of your body. Then focus on your breathing and relax. You should not allow any side-thoughts. Every occurrence of thought diverts you from your goal, because you return to your normal daily condition.

Focus on your breathing. Your breathing should be rhythmic and easy. Your focus on breathing must continue until the thoughts disappear from the mind. When this happens, stop observing your breathing.


1. Historical review.

For millennia in large centers of human civilization such as Egypt, Sumer, India, China, Babylon, Assyria and others, hypnosis / self – hypnosis (or autohypnosis) has had a healing, religious, and magical role. The name "hypnosis" derives from the ancient Greek god of sleep, Hypnos, who is  son of Night and brother of Thanatos (Thanatos is the god of death).

Used today ways of reaching to a condition of hypnosis / self – hypnosis came from ancient times. Among the more interesting techniques, which are related to practicing magic, is the fixation of sight, for example in crystals and mirrors, known as crystallomancy and catoptromancy. It is supposed, so appeared clairvoyance by crystal balls and special mirrors.
From the point of view of science hypnosis was initially investigated by the English surgeon– J. Braid (1795-1860). He categorically rejected Mesmer's concept of animal magnetism, and proves that there is no animal magnetism, but hypnosis was used instead.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Thoughts are conscious and unconscious. So there are two basic ways to make magic by thoughts. One way is by using awareness. The other way is to use the unconscious. 

When we practice magic at the level of awareness, then the result of the magic is realized immediately, unless otherwise specified. 

When magic is done at an unconscious level or as a combination of awareness and unconscious, then the result of the magic is realized gradually to the overall achievement of the goal at some point. One can get what he wants, but he may not get it. The reason is that things that aren`t aware, aren`t under control, until they get into the sphere of awareness.

Therefore it isn`t desirable to have things that aren`t unconscious elements when we practice magic. This will avoid receiving unwanted consequences.

What is the thought? It isn`t a mystery, which in some strange, vague way, appears in the brain. The thought Is unraveled by science. Thought is a combination of electromagnetism, biochemistry and nervous system. 

Friday, 30 June 2017


When а man controls his own energy, he becomes capable of doing magic. The Chinese call this energy qi. In Chinese medicine, it is assumed that qi and blood are closely related. Energy is formed in the human organism and through the blood it is delivered to every cell of the body.

It can be assumed that qi is electromagnetic energy and magic is its management. This energy has no anthropomorphic characteristics, i.e. it is neither good nor bad. Electric charges are only two types - positive and negative. Positive and negative is a type of charge, not a type of energy. What it will be used for depends on the one who uses it.

Electromagnetic energy has different types of impacts - thermal, light, mechanical, magnetic and, last but not least, physiological. For example, our thoughts consist of  electromagnetism, biochemistry and the nervous system, and this is used to make magic.

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